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Full Stack Development

Unlock the power of Full Stack Development with hands-on projects and real-world applications, enhancing problem-solving skills and paving the way for innovative solutions.

6 months
12 modules
Mentored by :
Khan Shabaz, Abhiraj Kulaar

Web Development

Unlock your web development potential by mastering React, build dynamic websites, and launch your tech career today.

3 months
11 modules
Mentored by :
Khan Shabaz

Machine Learning

Harness the power of algorithms, unlock data insights, and shape the innovations with Machine Learning Program.

3 months
9 modules
Mentored by :
Akash Maurya

Cyber Security

Build a strong foundation for Digital Safety by mastering Cyber Security

3 months
9 modules
Mentored by :
Rohit Mukhergee

Artificial Intelligence

Master the fundamentals and cutting-edge applications through our comprehensive course designed for aspiring AI enthusiasts.

3 months
6 modules
Mentored by :
Soumya Agarwal


Explore Python language's versatility and learn to code efficiently

3 months
25 modules
Mentored by :
Abhishek Raj Permani, Akash Maurya

Data Science

Learn to decode patterns, predict trends, crunch data through the comprehensive course on Data Science.

3 months
13 modules
Mentored by :
Akash Maurya, Deloitte

App Development

Build your skillset for app development by covering from concept to code.

3 months
10 modules
Mentored by :
Sangyan Bhagi

Data Structures

Become placement ready for MAANG companies by mastering Data Structures and Algorithms

3 months
13 modules
Mentored by :
Utkarsh Singh


Skill up by learning from fundamental to advanced applications of Java.

3 months
8 modules
Mentored by :
Khan Shabaz

Digital Marketing

Get ready for marketing in the digital age & strategize for the Modern Businesses.

3 months
22 modules
Mentored by :
Hitesh S S


Learn the science of human resources management to elevate the efficiency of the organization.

3 months
17 modules
Mentored by :
Kritika Wadhwani


Understand the ways to strategize for the financial fitness of the organization.

3 months
16 modules
Mentored by :
Shubham Swaraj

IoT & Robotics

Learn the science behind the integration of the physical & virtual world through IoT and Robotics.

3 months
8 modules
Mentored by :
Soumya Agarwal

Embedded System

Gain the knowledge to design & build smart devices for tomorrow.

3 months
7 modules
Mentored by :
Abu Turab Kazmi
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Finance: Upskill for Future & Kickstart your Career

Become a skilled professional with one of the most essential knowledge required in any role and get an opportunity to work in a dynamic industry.
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Become a Finance expert today!

10K+ Career Opportunities
3 Months Program Duration
IBM Certification
1:1 Career Guidance
3-5 Course Credits
3 Industry Projects

Why choose SkillVertex?

Seize the future: Secure your career with SkillVertex's cutting-edge resources and transformative learning experiences.


Students Graduated


Industry Mentors

IIT Guwahati

E&ICT Academy Certification

Global Cretification

IBM, Cisco, Apple, Meta

5L -12L

Salary Range


Coding Questions

Who should apply for this course

  • Students and Recent Graduates intending to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills.
  • Working Professionals looking to enhance career prospects and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Career Changers and Professionals on break intending to pivot to new industries by acquiring relevant skills.
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs interested in expanding expertise for business growth and innovation.

Program Details

Finance involves managing money across personal, corporate, and public levels, offering a broad understanding of business for diverse careers like financial adviser or investment banker.

Industry Projects
Hours of Program
Assignments & Mock Tests

The Financial Markets

Introduction To Asset Classes

Financial Statements

Company Analysis

Valuation Methods

Macroeconomic Factors

Case Studies

Introduction To Technical Analysis

Trend Analysis

Momentum Indicators

Volume Analysis

Trading Strategies

Risk Management

Backtesting And Optimization

Combining Fundamental And Technical Analysis

Portfolio Construction

Market Psychology And Behavioural Finance

Real-World Industry Projects

Get exposure to a compilation of industry-standard projects to showcase the practical application of your skill sets to build & boost your project portfolio.


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  • Gain course credits & fast-track your success in college.

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  • Increase the chances of getting your CV shortlisted by MNCs.

Program Fee


Enhance your profile, and get mentorship, project opportunities, & placement assistance.

₹5700 (Incl. Taxes)
Enroll Now
IBM Certification Exam

Become an IBM Certified Finance expert & boost your profile for career growth.

₹4500 (Incl. Taxes)
Enroll Now

Our Mentors

Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the domain to gain invaluable guidance and support at every stage of your journey.


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How will I get this certificate?

What is the validity of certificate?

Is it possible to pursue this program simultaneously with my college studies?

What advantages can I gain from having industry mentors?


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