Understand the basics of Internal Combustion engines and covers the classification of heat engine, various components of engines and terminologies of engines including working of two stroke and four stroke engines and more about them.

Things you will learn

  • Develop your proficiency in an integral part of the automobile/ mechanical domain - design, architecture, classification and functioning of IC engines.
  • Know the components of an IC engine
  • Learn the design and structure of IC engine
  • What fuels the IC engine and how it differs
  • Discover the types of existing IC engines
  • Get acquainted with the technology & thermodynamics
  • Learn about fuel delivery systems
  • Intern with us on live projects
  • Devise optimised ways of driving and attaining from engines
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Key highlights

  • 21 hours of video lectures
  • Lifetime LMS access for study contents
  • Study on mobile or laptop
  • Live or recorded sessions
  • Dedicated mentorship assistance
  • Industrial projects (1 minor+1 major)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Internship opportunities

Tools you will get hands on

IC Engine

Program curriculum

Module 1 - Internal Combustion Engines

  • Thermodynamics of Combustion
  • Nomenclature of IC Engine
  • Working Principles of Engines
  • Classification of Engines
  • Valve Timing Diagram and Port timing Diagram

Module 2 - Performance Parameters and Their Characteristics

  • Engine Power
  • Engine Efficiency
  • Variables affecting Engine Performance
  • Methods to Improve Engine Performance

Module 3 - Air Standard Cycles

  • The Otto Cycle
  • The Diesel Cycle
  • The Dual Cycle
  • Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual Cycles

Module 4 - Combustion in SI Engines

  • Premixed Charge Combustion
  • SI Engine Combustion Conceptual Model
  • Thermodynamics of SI Combustion
  • Knocking Characteristics

Module 5 - Combustion in CI Engines

  • Fuel lgnition and Spray Structure
  • Thermodynamics of CI Combustion
  • CI Engine Combustion Conceptual Model
  • CI Engine Combustion Characteristics

Module 6 - Cooling Systems

  • Necessity and Methods of Cooling
  • Liquid Cooling System
  • Air Cooling System
  • Components involved in Cooling System

Module 7 - Lubrication Systems

  • Objectives of Lubrication
  • Testing of Lubes
  • Methods of Lubrication
  • Components involved in Lubrication system
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Advance plans

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IC Engine [Self Paced]



  • ✅ Self Paced Learning Course for IC Engine
  • ✅ Learn the Nomenclature of an Internal Combustion Engine and the parameters which affect their performance.
  • ✅ Understand the stages of Combustion and Combustion model of operation in SI as well as CI Engine along with methods of Ignition and Injection system in IC engines.
  • ✅ The Efficient process of IC engine Cooling System.
  • ✅ The Method of operation behind the Lubrication system applied to IC Engines.
  • ✅ Learn to use Matlab based Numerical Computing.
  • ✅ Application of linear principles of Vehicle Traction, Acceleration and Drivetrain on Matlab.
  • ✅ Increase of fluency with Powertrain subsystems and electronics.
  • ✅ Application of Drive Cycle data for numerical computation on drivetrain behavior of a vehicle.
  • ✅ Intern with us on live projects.
  • ✅ Hands-on projects to apply what you have learned and develop your skills in a real-world setting.
  • ✅ Get certified with us and stand out in the job market
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Capstone projects

Undergo practical learning and work on real time projects

A study on the performance parameters of the SI engine
A Study on the performance enhancement in CI engine
Parametric study on Turbocharger and Supercharger
Parametric study on Injector


For your dedication and commendable efforts to learning, for completion of the training as well as the projects accurately and within the timelines given, you earn industry-recognized certifications.

Who provides the certification?

On successful completion of your program, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from SkillVertex

How long is the certification valid for?

By taking an upskilling program with SkillVertex and completing your program, you get your certification which has validity of a lifetime.

How can I avail my certificate?

After completion of your program of entire training module and assessments, you are eligible to obtain your certificate from SkillVertex.

What are the available modes of payment?

As a user, you can avail a the payment mode of your choice. The available modes are: UPI, debit/credit card, No cost EMI, Netbanking/Mobile banking.

What is the duration of the programs?

When enrolling into SkillVertex's training upskilling programs, you are associated with us for a duration of 2 months. Where as, with SkillVertex's Advance Upskilling programs, you are associated with us for a duration of 5 months.

Who will I be mentored by?

At SkillVertex, you are mentored by industry experts who have been/are working in the industry for a decent time and have a strong grasp in their domain of expertise. The process is tailored to provide concept clear training and practical hands-on learning during your upskilling journey.

Is there any option of easy monthly installments to avail my program?

With No cost EMI as a mode of payment, you can easily avail the same if you qualify a basic eligibility criteria.