Mechanical Engineering Salary In India 2023

Mechanical Engineering Salary

In 2023, if you work as a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer in India, you can look forward to good salaries. These engineers play vital roles in the country’s industries and infrastructure. This article explores how much they can expect to earn, what affects their pay, and where they might find the best opportunities.

Who is the Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is a field that applies engineering principles to everything from designing and manufacturing to selling products. Mechanical engineers use these principles to analyze their work, making sure their designs work safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Their work is essential because they create technologies that fulfill human needs. Almost everything we use in modern life has been influenced by a mechanical engineer in some way. They can find various challenges, from healthcare and energy to transportation and climate change, making a difference in numerous fields.

Mechanical engineering education is versatile because it covers a wide range of tasks. Engineers might design a part, a machine, a system, or a process, working on projects both large and small, from cars and satellites to sensors and switches.

What Do Mechanical Engineers do?

Mechanical engineering is about using creativity, knowledge, and problem-solving to make ideas into real things. It can be small, like creating robotic prosthetics, or bigger, like improving power systems for entire countries or the world.

Mechanical engineers have lots of chances to do different things, and their education covers many subjects. Students learn to focus on one area while getting good at solving problems that can be useful in any engineering situation.

Mechanical Engineering Salary

Job PositionSalary (per annum) (Approx)
Mechanical EngineerINR 351,887
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 263,172
ProfessorINR 782,568
Design EngineersINR 375,914
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 4,50,000
Project EngineerINR 380,297

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Various Locations

Mechanical Engineering Salary in Delhi

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 488,489
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 200,000
ProfessorINR 12,00,000
Design EngineersINR 365,358
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 5,28,502
Project EngineerINR 4,17,954

Mechanical Engineering Salary in Bangalore

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 438,892
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 320,000
ProfessorINR 320,000
Design EngineersINR 5,00,000
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 4,57,231
Project EngineerINR 4,20,000

Mechanical Engineering Salary in Mumbai

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 359,883
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 3,41,748
ProfessorINR 586,260
Design EngineersINR 5,66,060
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 343,003
Project EngineerINR 4,16,666

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Hyderabad

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 355,249
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 3,99,845
ProfessorINR 408,588
Design EngineersINR 4,30,738
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 4,17,832
Project EngineerINR 4,09,290

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Kolkata

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 351,816
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 320,000
ProfessorINR 428,472
Design EngineersINR 340,068
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 314,533
Project EngineerINR 4,25,660

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Pune

Job PositionSalary (per annum)
Mechanical EngineerINR 345,392
Assistant Mechanical EngineerINR 340,000
ProfessorINR 12,00,000
Design EngineersINR 4,50,000
Mechanical Design EngineerINR 4,29,877
Project EngineerINR 4,10,994

Mechanical Engineering Salary For Freshers

Job ProfileOrganization NameAverage Salary
Mechanical EngineerDebson Pumps Private LimitedNot disclosed
Fresher Trainee Network EngineerEvision Technoserve Pvt LtdINR 1.25 to 3 LPA
Design EngineerLaxmi InfotechINR 2.5 to 4.5 LPA
Sales Executive/ EngineerApogee IndustriesNot disclosed
Fresher Trainee Desktop EngineerFoundation Manpower ManagementNot disclosed
Production and Maintenance EngineerLaxmi InfotechINR 2.5 to 4.5 LPA
Patent EngineerIndian Institute of Patent and TrademarkINR 3 to 6 LPA
Fresher Mechanical EngineerBenchmark Global Management ServicesINR 1.25 LPA

FAQ- Mechanical Engineer Salary In India 2023

Q1. Is mechanical engineering good for salary?

Ans. While recent technological advancements have led some mechanical engineering companies to lose their focus, the overall situation in the field is currently more stable compared to some other engineering streams. Mechanical engineering professionals in India earn an average annual salary of Rs. 337,899.

Q2. Which engineer has the lowest salary?

Ans. The Lowest Paying: Environmental, Geological, Civil, and Biological Engineering

Q3. Which sector is better it or mechanical?

Ans. Mechanical engineering is undoubtedly an important field, and there will always be a need for professionals in this area, given the essential role of machinery in mass production and daily life. However, it’s worth noting that job growth in mechanical engineering is generally slower compared to the rapidly expanding IT industry, which continues to gain popularity and demand.

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