TCS NQT Salary 2024 For Freshers, Salary Structure, In Hand Salary

TCS NQT Salary

TCS NQT is a popular recruitment drive conducted by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) yearly. Many freshers aim to get hired through this process as TCS offers good salary packages to entry-level employees. The salary for TCS NQT hires depends on factors like your academic performance, the role you are selected for, and the location of your posting. In this blog, TCS NQT Salary is discussed here.

However, the salary for freshers joining TCS through NQT is in the range – 3.5 to 7 lakhs per annum. The Ninja roles usually have a starting salary of around 3.5 lakhs, while the Digital roles offer a higher package of around 7 lakhs initially. The salary may also vary based on the cost of living in the city you are placed in. Overall, TCS provides a decent pay scale for freshers joining the company. The difference between the TCS NQT salary of different job roles is uploaded.

What is TCS NQT Salary For Freshers 2024?

Candidates preparing for the TCS NQT Exam can refer to the TCS NQT Salary to better understand the Package.

RoleEligibilitySalary (LPA) for UGSalary (LPA) for PG
NinjaUG & PG3.363.56
DigitalUG & PG (Circuital Branches)77.3
PrimeUG & PG911.5

Furthermore, the total gross salary for TCS NQT freshers includes the base pay and additional benefits. For the Ninja role, B.Tech graduates get around Rs. 3.97 lakhs, while M.Tech/Integrated/M.Sc graduates receive around Rs. 4.14 lakhs per annum. The Digital role offers a higher package of around Rs. 7.6 lakhs for B.Tech and Rs. 7.9 lakhs for higher qualifications. The Prime offer is the highest, with Rs. 9.6 lakhs for B.Tech and Rs. 12.1 lakhs for M.Tech/Integrated/M.Sc.

Additionally, freshers can get a one-time incentive of up to Rs. 60,000 based on their performance in the TCS Xplore test. This incentive amount varies from person to person and depends on their readiness and competency levels demonstrated during the Xplore program. Candidates can refer to the table below for your reference.

TCS NQT In-Hand Salary For Freshers

For freshers joining TCS in the Ninja role, the average starting salary is around ₹3.4 lakhs per year. This is for those with less than one year of work experience. The salary range for the Ninja role at TCS typically falls between ₹3 lakhs to ₹4 lakhs annually. It’s important to note that these salary estimates are based on the latest information received from 412 current and former TCS employees.

However, this gives a general idea of the competitive pay package that fresh graduates can expect when they join TCS as a Ninja hire through the NQT process. Overall, the Ninja role provides a decent entry-level salary for beginners in the IT industry.

What is the Salary Difference Between TCS Ninja and TCS Digital?

Candidates can refer to the salary difference between TCS Ninja and TCS Digital and can understand TCS NQT Salary. The salary Package of each TCS Job role is listed below

ParticipationTCS PrimeTCS DigitalTCS Ninja
EligibilityExclusive participation for candidates from TCS premium colleges/universitiesCandidates from non-TCS premium colleges can participate by selecting “TCS Ninja & TCS Digital” during TNQT 2024 registration (Off-campus only)Open to candidates from all colleges and universities
Hiring ProcessOnline evaluation followed by a technical interview and HR interviewOnline evaluation followed by a technical interview and HR interviewOnline evaluation followed by a technical interview and HR interview
Online Test PatternPart B: Advance Section, 18-19 questions, 115 mins (Only top 2-5% performer eligible)Part B: Advance Section, 18-19 questions, 115 minsPart A: Foundation Section, 65 questions, 75 mins
Online Test Duration115 minutes115 minutes75 minutes
Mode of RegistrationApplication through college/university placement office and Online Registration (Can register for TCS Digital during TNQT 2024 registration)Application through college/university placement office and Online Registration (Can register for TCS Digital during TNQT 2024 registration)Online Registration
Interview DatesTo be announcedTo be announcedTo be announced
Salary Package (For Freshers, 2024)INR 9,00,000 + 60,000 for BTech students, INR 11,50,000 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and MSc studentsINR 7,00,022 + 60,000 for BTech students, INR 7,30,034 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and MSc studentsINR 3,36,877 + 60,000 for BTech students, INR 3,53,578 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and MSc students
Difficulty LevelThe hardest of all TCS Exams conductedHardest of all TCS Exams conductedMedium

The salary by TCS for the Ninja and Digital roles varies based on your educational qualifications. the Digital role, which involves more advanced technologies and skills, the salary package is more for the Ninja role. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) and are selected for the Digital role, your initial annual salary will be around ₹7.6 lakhs. This includes a base salary of ₹7 lakhs and an additional ₹60,000 as a potential incentive based on your performance.

However, if you have a higher qualification like a Master’s degree in Technology (M.Tech), an Integrated degree, or a Master of Science (M.Sc), your starting salary for the Digital role will be around ₹7.9 lakhs per year. This comprises a base salary of ₹7.3 lakhs and an additional ₹60,000 as a potential incentive.

On the other hand, the salary package is lower for the Ninja role, which is more suitable for freshers. B.Tech graduates selected for the Ninja role will receive an initial annual salary of around ₹3.97 lakhs, including a base salary of ₹3.37 lakhs and a potential incentive of ₹60,000.

Furthermore, Those with M.Tech, Integrated, or M.Sc degrees will get a slightly higher starting salary of around ₹4.14 lakhs per year for the Ninja role, with a base salary of ₹3.54 lakhs and a potential incentive of ₹60,000.TCS also offers a Prime offer, the highest salary package, reserved for exceptional candidates. For this, B. Tech graduates can expect an annual salary of around ₹9.6 lakhs, while those with higher qualifications like M.Tech, Integrated, or M.Sc can receive up to ₹12.1 lakhs per year.

Summing up, TCS NQT offers competitive salary packages to fresh graduates based on their qualifications and performance. The salary varies depending on the role and level of education, with additional benefits provided. This salary not only reflects the company’s recognition of talent but serves as an incentive for candidates to excel in the recruitment process. TCS’s commitment to offering attractive salaries demonstrates its dedication to attracting and retaining skilled professionals and fostering career growth and development.

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TCS NQT Salary 2024- FAQs

Q1.What is the salary of NQT in TCS?

Ans. The salary for TCS NQT hires ranges from 3.36 lakhs per annum (LPA) for the Ninja role to 7 LPA for the Digital role

Q2.Is TCS NQT free or paid?

Ans. Yes, candidates should pay a fee to register and take the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT). The fee amount varies based on the test package, and it is usually mentioned on the official TCS NQT website when registration is open.

Q3.What is the salary after cracking TCS NQT?

Ans.TCS hires for two profiles through the NQT exam – Ninja and Digital. The expected salary for Ninja is around 3.36 lakhs per year, while for Digital it is around 7 lakhs per year. The salary differs based on the candidate’s qualifications.

Q4. What is the salary for 20 years in TCS?

Ans. Associate Consultant with 5 to 21 years of experience at TCS, the average salary is ₹20 lakhs per year. The salary range for this position falls between ₹8.6 lakhs and ₹35.5 lakhs per annum.

Q5.What is salary growth at TCS?

Ans.TCS plans to increase salaries by around 7-8% for its employees working in India and 2-4% for those working onsite in 2024-25. Top performers at TCS can expect a higher salary hike of 12-15%.

Q6.What is the highest salary in TCS?

Ans. The highest-paying job role at TCS is that of a Center Head, with an annual salary of around ₹84.7 lakhs. The top 10% of employees at TCS earn more than ₹15 lakhs per year, while the top 1% earn a very high salary, exceeding ₹30 lakhs annually.

Q7.What is the TCS NQT passing score?

Ans. The TCS NQT cut-off percentage varies based on the number of candidates appearing for the exam. However, candidates should aim to score at least 60% to clear the TCS NQT written test.

Q8.Is TCS digital easy to crack?

Ans. The online test for the TCS Digital role is considered the most difficult among all service-based companies. It is quite challenging for candidates. This test has 31 questions that need to be answered within 110 minutes.

Q9.Does TCS pay well?

Ans.At TCS, the average yearly salary ranges from around ₹26,639 for a Service Engineer to a high of ₹30 crores for a Technician role. The hourly pay at TCS can be anywhere between ₹112 for an Intern and up to ₹2,010 for a Software Engineer.

Q10.Does TCS provide free food?

Ans. TCS usually has a cafeteria for employees to eat on-site, but whether lunch is free or discounted varies by location.

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