TCS NQT Preparation 2024-Tips, and Important Topics

TCS NQT Preparation 2024

Thorough preparation is key to cracking the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT). Begin by understanding the exam pattern and syllabus covering Verbal Ability, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Programming sections. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to make an effective study plan. This blog has listed the TCS NQT Preparation Tips 2024.

Moreover, Practice extensively using mock tests to get accustomed to the actual format. For programming questions, regularly solve coding challenges to enhance skills. Refer to previous year’s TCS NQT papers and analyze mistakes. Work on developing time management abilities and maintaining accuracy. Consistent practice using quality study material, and dedication, can significantly increase your chances of qualifying for this tough online test.

What are the 5 TCS NQT Preparation Tips?

Graduates who want to appear for the TCS NQT Exam should start preparing for the TCS NQT Exam 2024. So, this TCS NQT Preparation guide will allow you an idea about the relevant topics to cover before the NQT Exam.

Step 1– Understand the structure of the TCS NQT Exam

Understand the structure of the TCS NQT exam thoroughly. Check the latest exam pattern detailing the sections, topics covered, number of questions, and time duration for each section.

Step 2: Try the TCS NQT Mocktest by Skillvertex

Skillvertex has begun the mock test series. Interested candidates can practice the mock test to excel in the NQT Examination. This mock test will help them improve their skills and knowledge – numerical, verbal, and coding. This can also boost your confidence and approach the NQT Examination more strategically.

Step 3- Make a Study Plan

With around 1 month before the exam, create a structured study plan. Identify your weak areas that need more practice. Allocate time accordingly, focusing more on topics where you can score better to increase your overall marks. A TCS NQT Preparation Strategy can be made for your reference.

Step 4 – Solve Previous Year Questions

Solving previous year’s questions and mock tests as the final step of preparation for TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) recruitment is highly recommended. TCS often repeats questions from previous years’ papers.

Step 5 -30-day roadmap for TCS NQT preparation

Days 1-10: Focus on basics – quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and English. Practice daily with online quizzes and tutorials.

Days 11-20: Deep dive into specific topics, like algebra, puzzles, and grammar. Solve sample papers and previous years’ questions.

Days 21-30: Take mock tests to simulate exam conditions. Analyze your performance and work on weak areas. Revise formulas and strategies for quick problem-solving.

Hence, by solving past year questions, you can familiarize yourself with the pattern, difficulty level, and types of questions TCS frequently asks. This practice helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on areas that need improvement. Additionally, mock tests simulate the exam environment, helping you manage your time effectively and build confidence for the real test.

What are the Important Topics for the TCS NQT Preparation?

The important topic that are necessary for the TCS NQT Preparation Strategy is listed below for your reference:

Part A: Foundation Section

  • Numerical Ability (Math skills)
  • Verbal Ability (English language)
  • Reasoning Ability (Logical thinking)

The Foundation Section is the first round of the online test. It consists of three parts: Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability, and Reasoning Ability. You have 75 minutes to answer questions related to basic math, the English language, and logical reasoning skills. This section tests the fundamental abilities required for most job roles.

Part B – Advanced Section will consist of advanced quants and reasoning and 3 questions of advanced coding. This section is compulsory for Digital Aspirants to attend.

Summing up, If you start your journey to prepare for the TCS NQT exam, don’t worry! This guide has got you covered. The key is to take it one step at a time and stay focused.

First, understand the different rounds and sections of the exam. The online test covers – math, English, logical reasoning, and coding. Practice these areas regularly using the previous year’s questions and mock tests. Don’t just memorize, but aim to understand the concepts thoroughly. Next, create a strong resume that highlights your skills and achievements. This will come in handy during the interview rounds. Remember, preparation is the key to success. Dedicate time and effort to this process, and don’t get discouraged. Practicing more and developing a positive mindset, you can crack the TCS NQT and land your dream job.

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TCS NQT Preparation Tips 2024 -FAQs

Q1. What is the mode of exam for TCS NQT 2024?

Ans. The TCS NQT Test Pattern for 2024 will be an integrated test with two sections – Foundation and Advanced. To be eligible for interviews, candidates must appear for and attempt both sections of the TCS NQT.

Q2. What is the best way to prepare for TCS NQT?

Ans. To prepare for the TCS NQT, understand the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and previous years’ cut-offs. Then, focus on online registration, filling out the application form, and practicing extensively with mock tests.

Q3.How many days will you need to prepare for TCS NQT?

Ans. The 30-day roadmap for TCS NQT preparation is divided into four weeks, focusing on reasoning abilities and numerical ability sections which require more time. The strategy is to work extensively on these sections before moving on to the others.

Q4.Is TCS NQT 2024 online or offline?

Ans. The TCS NQT selection process for 2024 comprises an online test followed by a technical interview.

Q5.Is there a negative marking in TCS NQT 2024?

Ans. In this year’s TCS NQT test, you won’t lose marks for wrong answers, and the difficulty level won’t change. Instead of giving you paper or a calculator, you’ll have them on your computer screen during the exam.

Q6.How will you crack TCS in the first attempt?

Ans. In this year’s TCS NQT test, you won’t lose marks if you answer questions incorrectly, and the difficulty level won’t change. Instead of giving you paper or a calculator, you’ll have them on your computer screen during the exam.

Q7.How to crack TCS aptitude?

Ans. Managing your time well is super important when taking the test. Start by answering the easy questions first. Here are 9 tips to help you handle TCS interview questions.

Q8.What type of coding questions are asked in TCS NQT?

Ans. TCS NQT coding questions 2024 included tasks – finding the second largest number in an array, working with strings, solving number series puzzles, handling conversions, and implementing sorting algorithms. These challenges tested candidates’ ability to manipulate arrays, strings, numbers, and sorting techniques.

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