TCS NQT Registration Process 2024, Step-By-Step Process

TCS NQT Registration Process

The TCS NQT (National Qualifiers Test) is the initial screening process for entry-level jobs at Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s leading IT firms. Fresh graduates or final-year students from any discipline can apply by registering on the TCS Next Step portal. After creating an account, candidates can apply for the online NQT by the specified deadline. There have been major changes in the recruitment process this year.

What is the TCS NQT Registration Process 2024?

Candidates can also refer to the application process on this website. TCS NQT Recruitment Process for 2024. The table below consists of further details on the TCS NQT Registration Process :

TCS NQT Recruitment Information Details
Batch 2024
Educational QualificationAll Engineering Streams for B.E./B.Tech
Circuital branches like CSE, IT, ECE, etc for M.E./M.Tech
Exam ModeOnline
Test DateMay 23rd
Registration LinkOpen
Registration DeadlineMay 11th

Furthermore, this computer-based test evaluates skills like logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and programming. The qualified candidates will be selected for TCS Ninja and TCS Digital. The entire process is highly competitive, so staying updated and putting in your best effort is important. Candidates can prepare for the TCS NQT Exam 2024 with the mock test available.


  1. Traits test is required for off-campus NQT hiring, but may not be there for on-campus drives.
  2. If you pass the online NQT test, you’ll have a technical interview and an HR interview.

The TCS NQT recruitment process consists of four rounds: a written exam to test your technical and aptitude skills, a technical interview to evaluate your domain knowledge, a managerial interview to assess your leadership potential, and an HR interview to gauge your behavioral fit.

TCS NQT Registration- Step-by-Step Process

The step-by-step registration Process is given below:

Step 1: Visit the TCS NQT Portal

  1. Go to the official TCS NQT website using the link provided.
  2. On the homepage, click “Register Now.

Step 2: Select the Category for TCS NQT

You will be taken to a new page with two options – “IT” (Information Technology) and “BPS” (Business Process Service). Select the “IT” option.

Step 3: Enter Personal Details for TCS NQT

Step 4: After choosing “IT”, you will be asked to enter your details. In simple terms:

Fill in your full name, date of birth, gender, and personal email address.

Step 5:  Fill up your Educational Details for TCS NQT

  • Name of the school/college you attended
  • Your highest qualification (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.)
  • The year you completed/will complete that qualification
  • Select the test center closest to where you live

Step 6: Answer Security Questions for TCS NQT

Answer the security questions carefully and remember your answers, as you may need them later.

Step 7: Confirm your Details for TCS NQT

Carefully check all the details you have provided and ensure everything is accurate. If it all looks correct, confirm and submit your information.

Step 8: Note down your Application ID for TCS NQT

You will see an Application ID number on the screen. Please write this number down, since you need it to log in again later.

Step 8.1: Sign In using the Application ID for TCS NQT

Use the Application ID number you wrote down to sign back into the website later and continue with the next steps of the application process.

Step 8.2: Fill in your Details for TCS NQT

Enter all the personal details asked for on the next page. When you have filled everything out, click “Save and Continue.”

Step 9: Academic and Work Experience Details for TCS NQT

Provide information about your education, like degrees or certifications. Also, include any jobs or work experience you have had. When you have entered all these details, click “Save and Continue.”

Step 10: Enter Other Details for TCS NQT

In this part, enter:

  • Your nationality
  • Languages you can speak/write
  • Any achievements, scholarships, or certificates you have
  • Upload your resume/CV
  • Upload a recent photograph of yourself

Step 11: Preview the Application Form for TCS NQT

Review all the information you have provided in your application form. Make sure everything is correct. Then, complete the “Declaration” section to finish submitting your application.

Step 12: Choose the Test Mode for TCS NQT

You have two options for taking the test:

  • Select “Remote” if you want to take the test from home
  • Select “In-Center” if you need to take the test at a TCS test center location

Step 13:  Receive Confirmation Mail for TCS NQT

Once you have finished the application, you will get an email confirmation to the email address you provided during registration.

However, your actual joining date at the company may not be immediate. Typically, the joining date for new hires is set between 3 to 6 months, starting from the receiving date of the offer letter.

What is the Eligibility For TCS NQT 2024?

The eligibility Criteria for the TCS NQT 2024 are provided in the table below. Let’s check it out.

Eligibility CriteriaDetails
Eligibility StreamsAll Engineering Streams for B.E./B.Tech
Circuital branches like CSE, IT, ECE, etc for M.E./M.Tech
Percentage CriteriaMinimum 60% throughout academics in X/XII/UG/PG
Backlog CriteriaMaximum of 1 active backlog at the time of appearing for the exam
Gap CriteriaThe overall gap in an academic career not to exceed 2 years

TCS NQT Foundation Numerical Aptitude Recruitment Process

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Percentages
  2. Allegations and Mixtures
  3. Ratios, Proportion
  4. Work and Time
  5. Speed Time and Distance
  6. Profit and Loss
  7. +many more

TCS NQT Foundation Verbal Recruitment Process


  1. Word Completion
  2. Sentence Completion
  3. Error Identification
  4. Arrangement
  5. +many more

The TCS NQT recruitment journey is a multi-stage process that evaluates candidates comprehensively through online assessments, interviews, and other rounds. While it is competitive, thorough preparation and a focused approach can help you perform well. Register on the NextStep portal, practice sample questions, and be ready to showcase your skills and potential. If selected, you’ll receive an offer letter and have a few months before joining to wrap up other commitments. The TCS NQT presents an excellent opportunity to kick-start your career with one of India’s IT giants.

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Recruitment Process For TCS NQT -FAQs

Q1.What is the selection process for TCS NQT?

Ans. Students completing B.Tech, B.E., M.Tech, MCA, or M.Sc. degrees are eligible to apply. The selection process involves a test and an interview for Ninja or Digital roles, with the TCS NQT exam for May 2024 scheduled on 23rd May.

Q2.What is the TCS recruitment process?

Ans. The recruitment process for TCS entails four rounds: a written exam, a technical interview, a managerial interview, and an HR interview. To qualify, candidates must uphold a minimum of 60% throughout their degree program and have no pending subjects.

Q3. How many rounds does TCS NQT have?

Ans. The TCS NQT test has two main rounds, the foundation round and the advanced round.

Q4. What are the 3 rounds of interviews in TCS?

Ans. The TCS recruitment process begins with the rigorous TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test), known for its difficulty. This is followed by successive rounds: the Technical Interview, Managerial Round, and HR Round, completing the comprehensive interview sequence.

Q5.How do I know if I am selected for TCS?

Ans. After selection, HR will contact you shortly for negotiation. Once you’ve interviewed at any organization,

Q6.What is the next step after the TCS NQT exam?

Ans. Technical interviews will come following the exam. In this round, candidates will be asked technical questions on the area of expertise and general IT knowledge

Q7.Is the TCS interview online or offline?

Ans. This round is available, online and offline, conducted remotely or at TCS ION centers. Candidates have the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of participation for this round.

Q8.How will you crack TCS in the first attempt?

Ans. First, create a study plan for each month, week, and day. Then, practice solving mock papers, including the two free ones provided, which are crucial before the exam.

Q9. Is TCS hiring without an interview?

Ans. TCS is now sending offer letters to many candidates who passed the online test. This makes it easier for qualified individuals to get job offers.

Q10. How can I clear my TCS interview?

Ans. Stay calm, confident, and clear when answering questions. Share your knowledge and experience to the best of your ability. Also, ensure to stay updated on any new technologies or software relevant to the job and be ready for questions similar to those in technical interviews.

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