Python Break Statement

The Python Break statement functions to end the current loop and to continue the execution at the next statement which works similarly to the traditional break statement in C. Read this article to know more about the Python Break Statement.

What is the Python Break Statement?

The break statement in Python is mainly used to get the control out of the loop when some external conditions occur. That is, a break statement will be put inside the loop body. Thus, it can terminate the current loop where the condition occurs and continue the execution in the next statement suddenly after the end of that loop.

However, the break statement will be kept inside the nested loops, and further, the break will end the innermost loop. This break statement is commonly used in both Python while and Loops.

What is the Syntax Of the Break Statement in Python?

The syntax of break statement in Python is given below:


What is an example of a Python Break Statement?

# Python Break Statement Example

# Initialize a counter
counter = 0

# Run a while loop
while counter < 5:
    print("Inside the loop, counter =", counter)
    # Break the loop if counter is equal to 3
    if counter == 3:
        print("Breaking out of the loop.")
    # Increment the counter
    counter += 1

# Print a message outside the loop
print("Outside the loop.")


Inside the loop, counter = 0
Inside the loop, counter = 1
Inside the loop, counter = 2
Inside the loop, counter = 3
Breaking out of the loop.
Outside the loop.


To conclude, In Python, the break of the statement is like an emergency exit for loops. It lets you bail out of a loop prematurely if a certain condition is met.

Moreover, It’s like a quick getaway when you need to stop looping and move on to the next part of your code. So, when you spot the right moment to end the loop, just use the break to make a clean escape.

Python Break Statement- FAQs

Q1. Is break a jump statement in Python?

Ans. The two types of Jump statements in Python are break and pass.

Q2. What is the break error in Python?

Ans.break’ outside loop will happen when the `break` statement is used outside of a loop.

Q3. What is recursion in Python?

Ans. Recursion refers to a function that can call itself. It is also a mathematical and programming concept.

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