Unleash the Power of Stock Market Trading: A 4-Step Pathway to Professional Success

Stock market trading as a profession.

stock marketWhat is the stock market?

The stock market also known as the share market or equity market is a market where we can buy or sell a company’s shares.
Buying shares means buying some percentage of ownership of that company.
Selling shares means selling some percentage of ownership of your company.

What is trading?

Trading means buying something and then selling the same at an increased price so that profit can be made.

What is stock market trading?

Buying shares in the stock market and as soon as the price of shares increases selling it to earn profit is called stock market trading.

How to start trading?

The step-by-step analysis for you to have a successful trading career:
1. Mindset-The right mindset for trading is essential for trading. Avoid falling into the toxic cycle of:
-Expectation of quick profit
-No regular income from trading
It is vital for most traders to understand that trading grants you irregular income when you are a beginner or intermediate trader.
While beginning it is very important to come in with a trainee mindset, i.e., not get too influenced by quick profits, don’t get influenced by money.

2. In order to execute trading we need a Demat account.
example, Kotak Mahindra securities,icici securities, bicep securities, etc.
There are two types of brokers:
-Discount brokers
-Full-service brokers
For beginners, it is recommended to go with discount brokers,

3. To make a watchlist
We need to decide what to trade on, what shares to trade, and what trade to sell.

4. Paper trading
Paper trading is a simulated trade that allows a trader to practice buying and selling without risking real money.
Applying strategies, such as:
-Forward testing
and check whether your strategy work.

One of the biggest questions is whether it is worth leaving your job in order to become a full-time trader
Full-time trading?

• Is it possible to make a career in the stock market l
Yes, definitely.Though there is no proper training in trading in the stock market.
• Should we quit our job to become full-time trader?
No, doing anything extremely risky for the stock market during the first initial years of trading(beginner, intermediate) is not recommended.

It is very important to understand the risk that comes with stock market trading in order to make it a full-time job. We must first have enough capital to bank on, in case something goes wrong in trading. There is a high probability that something may go wrong as this field is very tough.

-It is essential to start with being a part-time trader.
-Learn the process.
-Learn from your mistakes.










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